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The 12th Karmapa, Changchub Dorje

Excerpts from The Garland of Moon Water Crystal by Situ Chokyi Jungnay and Belo Tsewang Kunkhyab

The 12th Karmapa, Changchub Dorje was born at Chile Chakhor in the Derge province of Eastern Tibet. Shamarpa heard of the remarkable child and sent a search party, and the child was brought to Karma Gon Monastery, one of the three seats of the Karmapa in Tibet. There he met Shamar Palchen Chokyi Dondrub. The two remained together for the rest of their lives.
Situ Chokyi Jungnay says in his autobiography "The Clear Crystal Mirror" (page 32, line 3 in the edition of Dr. Lokesh Chandra) that the Karmapa and the Shamarpa are of equal status and that this is indicated by the fact that their throne-like seats are of the same height.
The Karmapa and the Shamarpa transmitted all the Kagyu teachings to the eighth Situpa and declared him to be the next lineage holder.

The Eighth Situpa, Chokyi Jungne (1700-1774)





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