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The 8th Shamarpa, Chokyi Dondrub

Excerpts from The Garland of Moon Water Crystal by Situ Chokyi Jungnay and Belo Tsewang Kunkhyab

The 8th Shamarpa, Chokyi Dondrub was born in Helampur, Nepal, to a Nepalese family. The eleventh Karmapa, Yeshe Dorje, sent a representative from Tibet to Nepal with exact instructions as to the whereabouts of the Shamarpa.
At the age of seven, Shamarpa Chokyi Dondrub was brought to Tibet and was enthroned by the 11th Karmapa, who took charge of his training.
Chokyi Dondrub in turn identified the twelfth Karmapa, Changchub Dorje, and became his guru. Both travelled to Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, India and China, where they taught extensively. Both the 12th Karmapa and the 8th Shamarpa passed away in China with only one day between their deaths.

The Twelfth Karmapa, Changchub Dorje (1703-1735)




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